How experienced artist build wall relief

Do you know how to carve such kind of dragon relief ? In fact it has to make by experienced artisit , just put mud on wall and carve . They all well done.

Wall reliefs can transform your area into something lovely and dimensional. There are different methods to making them, depending on the style you want and your level of comfort.

A Method : Additive Relief Sculpture.

This technique involves building layers to create a 3D shape on your wall. Here’s everything you’ll need:

Base of Relief: For a more rustic effect, consider using drywall compound, air dry clay, or even wood.
Sculpting tools: Palette knives, craft sticks, spoons, sandpaper (to shape)
Optional: Additional components. Depending on your design, you may choose to use stones, stencils, or other found objects.


Plan the design: Sketch your concept on paper or directly on the wall (if you are comfortable freehanding).

Apply the base layer: Spread your preferred media (plaster, clay, or wood) on the wall in the shape of your design.

Build the relief: While the foundation layer is still functional, add details and dimension. Use sculpting tools and any other elements you choose.

Refine and smooth: Once the base has set, use sandpaper to smooth off any rough edges and fine-tune the details of your design.

Paint is optional: Paint your relief sculpture for a polished effect.

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