Sculpture Art of Factory Customization

how a beautiful stainless steel sculpture comes to life? Here’s a look at the factory’s magic:

Concept and Design: Your concept takes shape! Sketches or 3D models help you translate your vision into a sculpture blueprint.
Prototype Power: A 3D printed prototype works as a miniature, allowing for changes and approvals prior to scaling up.
Molding the Masterpiece: Using the approved model, a mold for the molten metal is methodically created.
Casting Creation: Molten stainless steel is poured into the mold and solidifies into the shape you choose.
Finishing Touches: Grinding, polishing, and welding methods highlight the sculpture’s gloss and complexity.

Here is the video of polish hard works :

From Factory to Temple: The Final Journey
Once your sculpture is finished, it is securely wrapped and placed on a strong foundation. A crane then lifts it with slings, ensuring a smooth transfer to a transport truck. Your masterwork arrives to the temple, strapped and padded, ready for installation.

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